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Applying Viacom v. Youtube to Indian Intermediary Law

Viacom v. Youtube is a landmark decision in the history US copyright law, dealing exclusively with the issue of intermediary liability for copyright infringement, which is an issue of particular importance in the age of online video sharing platforms. The objective here is to consider the principles evolved in

Tattoos: Can We Copyright That Too?

The tattoo depicted in the movie ‘Hangover 2’ is remarkably similar, if not identical to the one Mike Tyson has in real life. has. But one would hardly expect the tattoo artist to approach the Federal District Court and demand the movie’s screening be stopped on grounds of copyright

Music Licenses in the Cloud

As we move everything to the cloud, licensing issues around internet-based services have come to the forefront. In this context, it may be worthwhile to examine a few of them in relation to a few cloud based multimedia services currently being offered to consumers. Cloud based music