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India’s Apathy Towards Surveillance

Over the past few months, I have found myself fighting to reclaim what’s left of my online privacy, grimly aware of its impending death. It is no coincidence that my pessimism gained ground around the time Edward Snowden revealed to the world that virtually every

Inception of Ideas: Lessons for the Copyright Hungry

“An idea can transform the world and re-write all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it” – Dom Cobb (from the film ‘Inception’) It is not often one quotes Hollywood movies in the context of copyright law. But this particular dialogue from

Whose Idea is it Anyway?

The Dewarists is an extremely novel concept for an Indian television show. It features musicians from around the world, collaborating to produce original compositions as they travel across India. Not surprisingly, it has received critical acclaim since its very first broadcast. But like many shows before it, it now finds itself embroiled

Copyright Infringement ≠ Theft

What does it mean to illegally download a movie from the Pirate Bay or the latest Bollywood album from Are you stealing from the artists and record companies? Are you committing ‘theft’? The nature of piracy is part of a rousing debate in copyright law circles. It assumes