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De Minimis in Copyright

I had previously examined the possibility of using the maxim de minimis non curat lex (which translates to the law will not resolve petty or unimportant disputes) in the context of Indian copyright law. I concluded that it was possible to resist a claim for copyright infringement under the

Blocking Websites for the Sake of Bollywood

The Indian Music Industry is all guns blazing after obtaining an order from the Calcutta High Court against the popular website It is now going after more than a hundred websites allegedly indulging in piracy of Bollywood songs. This piece will provide an insight on the state

Would You Download A Car?

In a landmark move set to highlight India’s strong reservations against piracy.  the Ministry for Information & Broadcasting has issued directions to all multiplex owners that an anti-piracy clip must be shown to audiences before every movie begins.   Involvement of FICCI  The move came after a

Whose Idea is it Anyway?

The Dewarists is an extremely novel concept for an Indian television show. It features musicians from around the world, collaborating to produce original compositions as they travel across India. Not surprisingly, it has received critical acclaim since its very first broadcast. But like many shows before it, it now finds itself embroiled

John Does, Many Woes

The spate of John Doe orders against potential infringers bypasses prescribed legal mechanisms and the response is shocking. Recently, the Delhi High Court passed an order on the basis of a complaint filed by the producers of the Bollywood film ‘Singham’. The order sought to curb piracy and